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Our commercial roofing division is specially trained for all scale projects and will provide you with 100% quality service for your business.

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Business buildings and offices need a roof to cover them just as much as houses do, that goes without saying. Due to the size and uniqueness of their buildings, commercial roofs can be quite large and sometimes require different materials than your average home or patio roof covering. Roofing is rarely something that can be a DIY project, so you should always find a company like ours that can do it for you. 


HBR is one of the top commercial roofers in Fresno, and that accolade is due to our many years of experience. Roofing is no joke, so we take it very seriously from start to finish. That includes a high quality finished product, but also industry leading knowledge and expertise of how to do roof a commercial building well. 


As a fully licensed and well-experienced roofing contractor, we’re able to provide a variety of commercial roofs to our clients. We can complete a variety of projects for your commercial property in a timely manner, with the flexibility to work with your vision. 


Commercial roofing in Fresno has never been easier or worry-free! 


There are a few types of commercial roofs that may work for you depending on the design of your building. These include the following: 


Flat Roof: These are some of the most common commercial roofs we see. The best thing a flat roof provides is cost effectiveness as they usually the lowest amount of square footage to cover. They’re also highly concealable, which means customers, drivers, or pedestrians won’t see it. That doesn’t always matter, but it might if you’re worried about a cheaper roof not adding to the curb appeal of your establishment. The materials used can vary widely including torch down modified bitumen, single ply, and more. 


Low sloped roofs: These are great for less maintenance and repair, as well as easier installation of roof top appliances such as air conditioning or satellite dishes. Like flat roofs, low sloped roofs also have the advantage of being cost effective as there is not as much square footage that needs to be covered. 


Commercial re-roofing: Need a new roof altogether? We can do that too! Depending on the materials involved, a new roof can last anywhere from 20-60 years. That’s a long time! But if your building is older, it maybe time to get a new one. 


Coating/Seals: At HBR Roofing, we want to make sure your roof is given proper protection in order to last longer. That’s why we offer flex coating and peel and stick membranes to help seal your roof and keep away any potential major damage. They can be applied on top of a variety of materials. It’s a great way to help protect your roof! 


Roofing repairs: Commercial properties need repairs too, so we make sure this service is available to our commercial roofing clients. For any repairs related to damaged tiles, shingles, wood or leaks/water damage, our team has your back. 


Here at HBR Roofing, we also work with a wide variety of materials: 

  • Bitumen 

  • Tile

  • Shingles 

  • Single ply 

  • Flex coating 

  • Peel and stick membranes 


This allows allows you some flexibility with your roofs look and benefit. 



Looking for a contractor that does commercial roofing in Fresno? Give us a call and get a FREE quote! 



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