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Protecting your home is our main concern here at HBR Roofing inc. Our staff will thoroughly inspect 

the damages and make the necessary repairs for

any situation.

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Who do you call for your local Fresno roofing repairs? Whether it’s water damage, missing shingles, or anything else, you’ll need experienced roof repair technicians to get the job done. These issues are extremely common, so it’s always best to know the best professionals in the area. 


The roof of your home or business takes quite a beating. It’s constantly exposed to the outdoors, which means it can get damaged from time to time. Repair jobs are extremely common, so odds are you’ll need many repairs done on your roof over its lifetime. 


Repairs can be extremely technical though, so DIY isn’t an option. You’ll need a team that’s experienced and knowledgeable. That ensures the job gets done right, without any further damage and certainly no injuries! 


The good news is that for any Fresno roofing repair needs, you can call us and we’ll do the work gets done properly. Our team at HBR Roofing has over 30 years of experience with repair jobs. We deliver only the best results! 


What kind of repairs are most common?


Fascia Repair: this is the board that runs along the lower edge of your roof. Most fascia damage comes from water, which can cause the wood to warp or mold. Typically this will need to be replaced altogether. You can tell if your fascia needs replacement by 


Shingles: The individual shingles on your roof can get damaged, chipped, or fall off. The shingles perform an important function on your roof by contributing to the look and style, and protecting the underlying roof components. That means damage can lead to bigger issues if not addressed. 


Leaks: Ever had a roof leak? They’re not fun. Aside from the inconvenience and mess inside, it can also lead to water damage in your ceiling and roof. Patching these leaks ASAP will prevent these issues from getting worse. 


Debris Damage: Tree limbs and branches can wreak havoc on your roof. You’ve probably seen videos of trees collapsing portions of a roof, or had a few shingles crack or go missing after a big storm. If any of those has happened to your roof, we can help. 


If any of these issues comes up with your roof, just know that our crew at HBR is here to help. Just give us a call, and let us know what you’re in need of. Someone from our team will come out to assess the repair and provide a quote. Then we get to work! 


Our goal is to keep your roof looking great throughout the entire 20-30 years it sits atop your home. We believe the roof is one of the most important structural components of your home. If your roof is in need or repair, please reach out. We’d love to help. 


With our experience and knowledge, Fresno roofing repair projects have never been so easy! 


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