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We are fully licensed, certified, and insured, and work with a variety of materials including composition shingles, bitumen, silicone, tile, and more!


HBR Roofing is the best Fresno roofing contractor you'll find around. Our experience and expertise is unparalleled.


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Hi, my name is Ricardo Salinas. I founded HBR Roofing in 2018 after working in the roofing industry for 28 years. HBR Roofing a local, family owned company that is committed to the highest quality of service and results. As a Fresno roofing contractor, my experience allowed me to learn the skills necessary to not only run a business, but to provide excellent results and great customer service. That's what sets us apart as a premier Fresno roofing contractor.


With us, you know for sure you're getting a team that's dedicated to doing a good job so that your roof not only serves its function, but looks great as well. We're trustworthy, skilled, and produce amazing quality for our customers- every time. With my experience, I can answer any questions that any of my customers may have and provide great advice and recommendations.


HBR Roofing's commitment to quality means we provide a variety of services to meet our client's needs. We can help with both residential and commercial roofing needs, including re-roofing a residential home, installing or re-roofing a commercial building, roof repairs, or even provide roofing for patios.

Contact us today and let us know how we can be the answer to your roofing needs!



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