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A great patio roof is a thing of beauty. Whether you want a place to relax in the shade or a great entertainment spot for your backyard, a patio cover will create just the right place. 


Backyard design is nothing to skimp out on. It may not be as immense a project as landscaping, but it is a part of the landscape! When it comes to a patio roof, you want the best quality for the best price. That’s what our crew here at HBR Roofing provides for our clients. 


With us, you get an amazing patio experience that includes premium customer service. We’re not like other contractors you’ve dealt with before. Our goal is to make sure the frustrations of building something you want for your home are taken out of the equation. 


HBR Roofing is the best source for a quality patio cover, hands down. We provide amazing solid patio covers!

For more protection against that harsh Fresno sun, a solid patio cover is a much better option. You won’t have to sacrifice the look or ambience of your backyard either. These covers can be crafted to fit a certain decor or aesthetic, that way you keep your desired environment for your backyard. 


Solid covers are typically more energy efficient as well. With partial covers or no cover, the sun still shines through during the daytime. Especially during the summer, that means triple digit heat hitting your walls, doors, and windows. That can potentially drive up your energy bill. A patio cover is used as a method of providing shade to the back of your home just as much as your patio itself. So if your worried about energy efficiency, a solid cover is a safe bet. 


Solid covers are typically done with single ply. This provides great long term coverage, fantastic shade, and can be sealed with our flex coating or peel and stick! 


The versatility of this kind of patio covering is perfect for the Central Valley. In the summer, you can get some shade from the scorching heat, and in the winter protect against any rain or wind. At the same time, you also get a fantastic looking covering to add to your backyard patio that can be used for every occasion! 


Here at HBR Roofing, we can create a great patio roof that makes your backyard patio a wonderful place to enjoy for all occasions. 


A quality patio cover can transform your backyard into an oasis of relaxation and bliss. HBR Roofing can deliver this experience with our patio roof services. You can enjoy an all new patio experience with an elegant and graceful patio roof! 


We’re here for all your needs related patio covers in the Fresno area! 


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